Thomas Mapfumo who is returning to Zimbabwe after 14 years says he never claimed asylum in the USA.

“I am a holder of an American passport and I don’t have any problem with where I can travel, I am not there on asylum. Reasons for not coming home over the years had nothing to do with the asylum. There were certain issues that were not in order as far as the country’s leadership then was concerned.

"I spoke on the phone with Minister Mpofu and he is a fan of our music. Things are okay now in Zimbabwe and I am free to perform again without worrying about other things. We have always wanted a leadership that listens to people’s concerns and that is what we are beginning to see in Zimbabwe. There have been efforts to bring corrupt people to book and we support that, I have voiced my concerns against corruption in song and it is a good thing when you hear that corrupt leaders are being arrested and tried in courts of law,” he told H Metro

Mukanya is performing in Harare on April 28.