This is 90-year-old Lydia Machibi from Bulawayo who says her secret to long life is dancing.

She stunned a crowd of more than 1 000 people who attended King Mzilikazi Commemorations with captivating dance moves at Old Bulawayo last week.
“Dancing keeps me strong and fit while singing keeps me happy and reduces heart diseases and prevents high blood pressure. Regular exercise helps me manage a wide range of health problems including stroke and depression. Dancing is the sort of exercise that improves my mood and helps blow off some steam on a stressful day,” she told The Sunday News.
But Machibi said she had 13 children, and 12 of them have since died.

“It’s quite unbelievable that I once had 13 children but now I only have one. It’s a very heart-breaking subject but being a widow has taught me to be strong. I have always worked hard to put food on the table. I also thank God who gave me good neighbours in Ntabazinduna who always look out for me when I need help,” she said.