The wife of former Siyaya Arts Group member Tawanda “Mapecca” Moyo, Jacqueline Chesigelenaso (Banda) Moyo has told relatives that she will not speak about his death, especially what actually transpired on the night he was shot.

The late Mapecca was shot by his wife’s alleged lover, Oricious ‘Oros’ Moyo, after he had trailed and confronted them about their “illicit” affair.

Oros has since been arrested and has appeared in court and has been remanded in custody for the charge of murder. He is scheduled to appear in court for trial on Tuesday, 19 September.

Jackie has said through family members that the law must be allowed to take its course.

“…this as you know is a very sensitive issue and that is why she has chosen to be silent. Let the law handle it and let her be. She has been attacked constantly by people through social media and you newspaper people. All she said and is saying is let the law speak for her. That’s all we have to say,” said a close family member told The Sunday News.