Popular comedian, Sabhuku Vharazipi, real name David Mubaiwa, says he is now a successful farmer.

Vharazipi now boasts of several livestock that includes 20 pigs and 15 cattle. This year he had a good harvest of more than 10 tonnes of maize, beans, and rapoko.

“I am a farmer and this has become my other source of income. I am able to send my children to school,” he said. Mubayiwa also managed to buy a vehicle, an Isuzu Wizard. Vharazipi and hiw wife are blessed with four children, Patrick who is studying at Midlands State University, Tapuwanashe, Tatenda and Ruvarashe. “After Vharazipi production we are no longer living the same life because people are always happy to see us. My family has been very supportive,” he said.

He has  managed to navigate his way around a challenging upbringing, living on the edge of destitution, but he never lost hope. When the popular comedian’s parents discovered his passion in acting, he was chucked out of their home in Masvingo.

That was 1991 and the comedian was only 16 years old. Then art was generally associated with poor people and many parents did not want their children to choose the genre as their career path.

Instead of roaming the streets, Mubayiwa resolved to spend most of his time with his long term friend Wellington Chindara, who plays Chairman in the comedy.