I'm always late for my appointments. I'm not ashamed ... no one should ever look forward to this and if by any chance life throws this at you you never have to be on time (It's ok) you can't be worrying about healing and punctuality at the same time right?

My heart is still with those going through chemo though because that gig ain't child's play
I look around and see patients in like sweat pants no make up and the no hair doesn't help and I can't help to think it's not ok yo give up... It's not ok to give in

So no matter how tired I am I dress up ... iro and buba was my choice if style today .... sparkly turban and 4 inches on my feet...

Trump the demons with style and I picture the heel of my high heels on the enemies neck (the part where the aota runs through cutting blood supply to the rest of the enemies body... removing life from the sucker)

When you go to battle go with what you know...Saul tried to give David Armour to fight Goliath but David said no I will go with what I know