A Gweru man lost his $450 to a lady of the night after he fell asleep and peed in her bed. It had only been supposed to be a quickie.

Creamrose Mabasa (33) of Vhango Bar quarters appeared before Gweru Provincial Magistrate Mrs Phathekile Msipa facing a theft charge. She denied the charge. Mrs Msipa convicted and sentenced her to three months in jail.

One month was suspended on condition that she restitutes $450 to the complainant by July 31.
In passing the sentence, Ms Msipa said Mabasa took advantage of a drunken client. “What you did was against the law because you took advantage of the drunk client.
“You also stole from him after you had received your full payment from him. You are sentenced to three months imprisonment and one month is suspended on condition you restitute $450 to the complainant by July 31,” she said.

Mabasa told the magistrate that she only received $8 from Chiemura Fanadzo as payment for s.ex and did not steal from her client. “We agreed on a $8 payment for a quick session with my client and we entered into my room where we also found four couples doing their business.

“After the session l woke up my client who had dozed off and had peed in my bed. He quickly went to the toilet and he came back claiming that l had searched his wallet and stole his money,” she said.