It seems as though Christians struggle whilst none Christians flourish. The devil is destined to go to hell and he is out to recruit people to go to hell with. He ensures he gives people a life that leads them to hell. The devil does not come down with horns because if he does we flee hence he comes wisely. To the already evil he does not care, he ensures they continue, to Christians he substitutes.

Our biggest enemy as Christians is religion, we get accustomed to a certain way of worship that leads nowhere. The problem with religion is that it allows one to be in church yet they gain nothing. The devil brought Christmas but he ensured we do not celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ but father Christmas. Easter was replaced by an Easter bunny and Easter eggs and that is what people focus on instead of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The devil substitutes everything and gives you the wrong things.

The devil does not move very far from what you should be, he knows every human being has the desire to worship hence he gives you a false God to worship. The devil makes us comfortable with the wrong things whilst time passes us by.