Bustop TV will this week launch a video celebrating plus-size women. Samantha “Gonyeti” Kureya and top radio personality Samantha “MissRed” Mussa will be launching the video from the song titled Gonyeti composed and sang by rising contemporary musician, Andy Muridzo.

Bustop TV co-founder and producer, Lucky Aaroni, told NewsDay on Friday that the video was also meant to encourage women to aim higher in life and break the gender ceiling by holding top jobs in the corporate world.

“The video will encourage women, particularly black women, to occupy other spaces known to be dominated by men or white women,” he said.

“We see Gonyeti and MissRed playing golf in the music video to symbolise how black African women should move away from their comfort zones.”

He said Bustop TV collaborated with Dream State Pictures and their hope was that they could instil confidence in full-figured women so that they appreciate how they were created and embrace their body sizes by incorporating Gonyeti and MisRed.

Aaron expressed gratitude to Andy Muridzo who took his time to dedicate the song to Gonyeti and other plus-size women fitting the African beauty definition.