POPULAR Jah Prayzah dancer, Excavator, a daughter of a pastor says her dad's congregation struggle to accept her decision to dump gospel.

Excavator is the daughter of Pastor Kamba Nleya of Family of Covenant Church, a breakaway congregation from Family of God. Rumour had it at the time that Pastor K as her father is known, was not too happy with his daughter’s sudden change of direction. 

“I didn’t decide (to turn secular). The opportunity just presented itself and I took it,” she said in an interview with Sunday News. “Like I said before it wasn’t inspired by anything but it was just a case of mere opportunity”

“I think the congregation’s attitude towards me changed because people treat me differently now. I guess it’s because they don’t understand that this is just a job and it hasn’t changed me at all,” she said.

“I was very excited and at the same time I was scared of the unknown. You know how it is when you start heading towards a different direction. There is always that feeling,” she said.
She said she struggled to keep pace with the dances at Jah Prayzah.

“I had always loved dancing but adjusting to his style of dancing was the most difficult thing. Luckily the boys Congo and Mbera really helped. I remember one time they made me dance so much and my feet were hurting and I went to the toilet to go and cry because my body just couldn’t take it anymore. However, now I’m as fit as ever,” she said.