The once mighty Didymus Mutasa who owes Zesa $70 000 says he is broke.

“I  can’t pay them (Zesa) with nothing. It is true that they say I owe them about $70 000 and I will not be able to pay it because I don’t have that  kind of money and will never be able to get it.

“I am lucky here that I depend on borehole water and if I was using Harare water, I  would not be able to pay, I am poverty stricken,” Mutasa told the Daily  News.

“What is troubling me the most though is how it accrued to  that amount because that is what could accrue to the Rusape local authority for a whole year and one wonders how all that accrued for one  person?”

“I am telling you the truth and it’s all because of the  economic failure and very soon we might as well fail to pay for our  food.

“I am not rich because unlike others, I did not even steal a pen when I left government and all that I was supposed to leave behind  was properly accounted for.

“You are probably one of the first people that I have told my problems and one of the greatest ones is honesty,” he added.