Tatenda Karigambe has revealed that she has a twin who lives in Harare. She said she also has a daughter whom she is not comfortable exposing at present.

But she said her mother was a tough cookie while her father deserted them when she was young. She said of her mother :”I still remember when she applied for a job at Chibuku Delta Beverages in Harare,Zimbabwe as a Class 1,2 and 4 driver and she got the job becoming the first woman to work at Chibuku Delta Beverages driving those tankers and those big Lorries.

The fact that our father decided to abandon us when we where very young never bothered #Ashumba and we really never cared about our careless father because my mother made sure the school fees was fully paid and there is food on the table even hembe dzekisimusi taipfekawo.”