Former football boss, Chris Sambo says the woman whose nudes were leaked online is not his wife.

A furious Sambi has now lodged a police report against the woman who posted the pictures. Sinikiwe Shoko discovered the photographs of Tariro Betera, 40, in her husband Clement Muberekwa’s mobile phone and posted them on social media in a slide show narrating that Tariro was Sambo’s wife.

Sinikiwe and Clement are Zimbabweans based in Midrand, Johannesburg in South Africa.

Sinikiwe further stated that Sambo is infertile and failed to give Tariro kids leading her to engage in an unprotected sex with Clement to conceive.

“That woman is not my wife, let me re-emphasise that, she is not my wife, I once had a relationship with her and she moved on. What she is doing after I broke up with her is not my business, she has her own life to live,” said Sambo.

“I have taken legal action against Sinikiwe for stating that the woman in nude pictures is my wife, she is not my wife,” said Sambo.

Tariro confirmed cheating with Clement saying she has since separated with Sambo and they have no kids.

“I am no longer Sambo’s lover, the nude photographs circulating on social media are mine,” said Tariro.

“I was in a relationship with Clement based in South Africa. Apparently he didn’t tell me the truth that he was married and when his wife visited South Africa she discovered the photographs.

“We do not have kids with Sambo and the time I fell in love with Clement I had already separated with Sambo. h metro