A Mwenezi man (59) has dumped his wife of nine years for the woman's daughter (14).

Fadzai Zhou was shocked when he caught her husband and daughter in bed.

“I really do not understand how and why my own daughter and her step-father chose to have a relationship. It’s as good as saying Komichi was sleeping with his daughter.
“I caught them red handed in the bedroom after I had pretended to be going somewhere. In fact the two had become so close and they were too happy around each other which made me jealous.

“I then decided to confirm my fears and when I found them in bed I could not believe my eyes,” said the visibly shaken Zhou.

“They never apologised and at that time I was told to pack my belongings and leave. My daughter did not even want to talk to me.

“Since the girl was 14, I was advised to report the matter to police and he was arrested on charges of having sexual intercourse with a minor,” she said.

“Komichi’s sons chased both of us away after their father’s arrest. But still my daughter made it clear that she will never stay with me,  that is the reason I am staying at my uncle’s homestead and she moved to her grandfather’s place,” said Zhou.

Komichi was sentenced to an effective four years in prison last month by Mwenezi magistrate Honest Masiyiwa.