MDC-T vice-president, Nelson Chamisa, has been offered an honorary doctorate degree by an obscure British institution called the Commonwealth University. He turned it down.

Chamisa had been invited to the awards ceremony scheduled for June 16 at the Rainbow Towers in Harare.

“You have been invited because we recognise your exceptionally meritorious contribution in your chosen field. In recognition of your achievements, the Commonwealth University proposes to award you the honorary doctorate degree as part of the activities combined with your participation in this potentially rewarding top leadership seminar,” read part of the invitation letter to Chamisa.

To facilitate the process, Commonwealth University chancellor, Michael Addison advised Chamisa to pay $3 500 to enable him to attend a leadership seminar before the graduation ceremony.

But, the Kuwadzana East MP, a lawyer by profession, snubbed the offer, saying he did not subscribe to the notion of honorary degrees, particularly from little-known institutions.

“I believe in working and achieving and, if I am going to be awarded, it has to be done from a respectable university,” he said.

Zimbabwe Tourism Authority boss, Karikoga Kaseke accepted a similar honorary degree from the Commonwealth University.