ALICK Macheso’s wife, Nyadzisai, says she feared her husband will dump her after she was diagnosed with diabetes which has hit her really hard.
She is so unwell that she now spends most of her time indoors. “I was recently diagnosed with diabetes and the situation was very bad. When this condition was detected, I never thought I would be able to win this battle since I had deteriorated within a week,” said Nyadzisai.

Nyadzisai said she feared for her marriage with the sungura ace when her condition worsened. “I would like to thank my husband, who has been there for me from day one when this illness was detected.

“At one point, I was afraid that Alick would run away from me for healthy women since my condition had deteriorated. I was surprised by the love he showed me and he has been helping me to take my medication as well as monitoring my condition.

“When he is around like today, he helps me take my medication, especially the injections.

“He also cooks for the family and myself when he is not busy and he always cheer me up when I am down.

“As you know, it’s hard for men to look after their sick wives and in my case, I would like to thank Baba Sharo for being there for me when I least expected it from him, considering his busy schedule.”

Macheso said  :"We have come a long way together and it would not make sense for me to ditch her now because she is unwell. Tatochembedzana tese like you see and we know the challenges we faced along the way.

“She has been supportive to me when I made my mistakes and this kind of support shows we were meant to be with each other,” said Macheso fighting back tears.

“I have also learnt to cook for her and we are now taking the same diet just to show our solidarity and support for her.

“She is real fighter and I have done everything I can in my capacity to ensure that she stays fit.
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