An Epworth couple broke into Chief Superintendent Nyaradzai Majachani’s house where they stole valuables that included mobile phones and gas tanks.

Fortunate Jambuleni (23) and Donny Moyo, who is still at large, allegedly went into another officer’s house and stole groceries and valuables. Jambuleni was arrested after she sold a mobile phone she had stolen.

The phone was recovered from a Chimanimani woman. The woman sold out Jambuleni who was arrested. Moyo disappeared on hearing about Jambuleni’s arrest.
Jambuleni appeared before Harare magistrate Ms Barbra Chimboza last week facing two counts of unlawful entry. She appears before the same magistrate today seeking bail.

The court heard that  Jambuleni who cohabited with Moyo, hatched a plan to break into Mabelreign Police Station. The couple sneaked into Chief Superintendent Majachani’s house through the kitchen window.

They disconnected a gas tank from the stove and took an electric kettle. They also stole a toy laptop and mobile phones. The couple proceeded to Inspector Emelia Museki’s house. They stole two gas tanks, some groceries, a mobile phone and a handbag.