A school headmaster is facing disciplinary action after he refused to accept a Form Four pupil's examination answer sheet because he had not paid the $5 transport fee.

The pupil Simbarashe Chibarinya Mupfururirwa Secondary School in Chikomba District. confirmed that he took the answer sheet home after the headmaster, Mr Patrick Kanda declined to take it to Chivhu for onward transmission to Zimsec for marking.

“We were told the day before that each student was to bring the money as transport fee. I was not the only person who failed to pay, and I am still shocked as to why the headmaster targeted me among others. After the exam, the invigilator — Ms Tsodzo — collected all other papers except mine.

“Mr Kanda then gave me a white envelope before telling me that I was supposed to take the answer sheet to Zimsec myself because I had not paid the transport fee. I put the script in the envelope and got out of the classroom,” he told Newsday in an interview.

Simbarashe said, on his way home he met one of the teachers, Madam Chigayo, who advised him to go and ‘sweet-talk’ the headmaster to accept his script since it was illegal to take it home.

“I did exactly as what Madam Chigayo had told me, but the headmaster refused again. I begged and even apologized to him if I had misbehaved before, but he did not consider my plight. He bragged and told me that he had already sealed the envelope. I went home with the script,” said Simbarashe.

He said his father, John Chibarinya (48) looked for the money and gave it to him, but the headmaster still refused to assist him leaving him without an option but to report the matter to police.

“My father was shocked when I arrived home with the answer sheet. He had no money with him, but he had to run around the village and came back with it. I then took the script and the money to the headmaster, surprisingly he received the money and shockingly refused to accept my answer sheet saying that time had lapsed and he cannot accept it.

“I was given the receipt for paying the transport fee. I returned home and told my father what had transpired, and he advised me to report the matter to police, to which I did. I even told Mr Kanda about the police report and he bragged saying that he did not care and he is untouchable,” said Simbarashe.

The matter was reported at Masasa Police Station in Chivhu who took the answer sheet before engaging the district education office. The answer sheet was then handed over to the education inspector identified as Emmanuel Kwenda.

Simbarashe’s father, a peasant farmer who supplements his production through conducting odd jobs was at a loss of words.

Mashonaland East provincial education director Christopher Chihota said Kanda erred in conducting his duties and would face disciplinary action. He also castigated the school head for charging transport fees without government approval.