Leonard Zhakata who dominated the Radio Zimbabwe Top 50 chart has brushed aside criticism of his huge win saying music lovers had spoken.

"It is the people who judge music and if the majority feel my songs deserve the top positions, then let it be. I am humbled, l am speechless.”

He admitted that he had not anticipated such a massive victory. “I knew I had done what I thought was my best, but I did not expect three songs from the album to clinch prizes as has happened, given the competition in the industry.

“I respect all the musicians who managed to get their songs into the competition as there was a lot of good quality songs offered.”

He also thanked musicians Chimbetu and Chipfumo with whom he collaborated on the hit song Madam Boss who “without them, the song would not have been what it is.”
Zhakata said he will consult very closely with his fans in future projects as Zora music evolves.

“Artists should be innovative as their music evolves, but it is good to consider the interest of your loyal fans.”

Zhakata could not disclose his immediate plans but word has gone around that he is planning on an entirely gospel album soon, and is also working on songs for the Zimbabwe Rural Schools Library Trust album where he is the trust’s goodwill ambassador.
A close friend and supporter of Zora projects Cosy Rules who coordinated the HICC album launch for Mutungadzese said people have spoken.

“I have heard some quarters questioning Zhakata’s wins but the listeners have chosen the best. I knew from the onset that the album was hit-bound and it is not a surprise to me at all. This shows that the Zora star is still around and making inroads. He has been a star for years and I have confidence in his art and composition power.”

Cosy said this is a challenge to Zhakata. “The Zora fans are challenging him to produce a new album this year and he has to respond. Every year will be his year and listeners have fallen in love with his music as they have in the past years. Zhakata is not just a winner this past year, he has been a winner since the 1990s, do not forget that.”