Manicaland minister Mandi Chimene says war veterans minister Tshinga Dube is probably mad for claiming that she threatened to assault him before unleashing sangoma on him.

“Don’t you think that he is mad? If I was to assault him, he would surely die and I will go to jail, but what use will it be. I have been insulted numerous times by many people. Why should I start by assaulting him among those that have insulted me? Instead of lying, he should tell people the real story,” she told the Newsday.

Dube said the incident happened in Mutare at the weekend, when he, together with Defence minister Sydney Sekeramayi and War Veterans’ ministry permanent secretary Walter Tapfumaneyi were trying to unite ex-freedom fighters, who are deeply divided along Zanu 
PF factional lines.

“Dube should tell the nation how I threatened him. They think they are destroying me, but they are actually giving me too much publicity for nothing. Why are they promoting me this much? Maybe they identified something in me that I haven’t seen and they want to destroy it as soon as possible, but they will not succeed,” she said.

She said the alleged sangoma was a student at Marymount Teachers’ College, whose relatives died during the war.

Chimene said on that particular day, the student went to the high table and was whisked away to allow the meeting to proceed before returning at the end, where Dube later claimed she was a sangoma unleashed on him.