Prophet Walter Magaya has explained why he will never invite other preachers to his ministry.

The reason why I do not invite other preachers to my ministry is because of what they may speak into your life- whether loudly or in silence. Many people today do not have testimonies because there are too many people who speak into their life. As a result their words confuse and poison you. Do not allow anyone’s opinion to become your reality. Tongues are poisonous thus the more people speak into your life the more you are destroyed.

Learn to identify who should speak into your life. When faced with a problem be careful when you pray and ask yourself first as to who is telling you to pray. At times the devil can lead you to pray but with an element of fear over the problem thereby giving strength to the problem.

Just as a curse you must no accept words of blessings from anyone. It’s not only the good words that are spoken to you which should determine whether you accept words of blessings to you. The reason is because even the evil minded people can penetrate your life through good words today and later curse tomorrow. Who you entertain determines who control your life tomorrow. Some can approach you with expensive gifts including cars and houses but with an evil motive of destroying you tomorrow. Later on such people can lead you astray because you believe them due to the gifts which they earlier gave you.

Do not be a victim of other people’s words. The devil knows your destiny well ahead and before you know it yourself such that he can use people to destroy and block your successful future through their 'blessing words' and gifts.

Why wait and listen to other people's words that destroy you when you can still say good words to your life? Why are you getting tired of speaking good into your life? Tell yourself “I am great, I am a beautiful woman! I am a successful man!"