Brave actor Silvanos Mudzvova has premeirred his one-man play, Missing Diamonds: I Want my Share.
MP Jessie Majome said the actor had shown audacity by capturing in detail the anger and frustration of many Zimbabweans over the missing money that could have turned around the country’s economic fortunes.

“I want to say thank you,” Majome said to Mudzvova. “Thank you so much for raising a voice and keeping it alive.” The MP said it was time people got rid of fear and spoke out against the excesses of a government that has long lost touch with the realities of citizens’ daily hardships.
Mudzvova’s play deals with real life issues of a population that has become hostage to its own government. The play was inspired by President Robert Mugabe’s embarrassing admission that about $15 billion raised from diamond sales was missing during a televised broadcast of his annual birthday interview.

The play was first staged at Parliament building on April 13 leading to a nasty brush with the police. In 2014, Mudzvova released a satirical film, Kumasowe, which chronicled the battering of several anti–riot police officers, who had accompanied Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe president, Johannes Ndanga to effect a ban of Johane Masowe eChishanu apostolic sect in Budiriro.

“Knowing how things are in Zimbabwe, I am now living in fear that something might happen either to me or my family,” he told NewsDay recently.