A tenant has been stabbed three times by his landlord after a furious argument over electricity and water bills.

Timothy Mhurushomana (30) yesterday appeared in court facing attempted murder charges. Magistrate Mr Tendai Mahwe denied him bail and advised him to approach the High Court. 

Cephas Katanha returned home from work and discovered that Mhurushomana had disconnected electricity from his room over non-payment of bills. The court heard that this did not go down well with Katanha, who then approached Mhurushomana demanding to know why he had switched him off.
It is alleged that a heated argument ensued and Mhurushomana went to his room. It is the State’s case that on June 4, Mhurushomana called Katanha informing him that he wanted to talk to him over the issue of electricity bills and they agreed to meet when Katanha returned from work, but when he got back he retired to bed since it was late.

 It is alleged that Mhurushomana proceeded to Katanha’s room and knocked the door demanding to see him. Katanha got out of his room and saw Mhurushomana standing by the door in the company of his cousin. The court heard that Mhurushomana demanded to know if Katanha wanted to move out since he had not paid water and electricity bills. A misunderstanding ensued after Katanha said he was moving out. It is alleged that Mhurushomana took a knife and stabbed Katanha twice on the left side of the chest and right thigh.