A fed up woman has pleaded with the court to jail her husband.

Odinah Moyo, 30, of Bulawayo said that her husband, Darlington Moyo, started abusing her in November last year after the passing on of their child. Western Commonage Magistrate Abednico Ndebele remanded Moyo in custody to Monday.

Odinah said her husband hit her all over the face resulting in her bleeding from the nose and sustaining swollen eyes. “He has developed a habit of beating me. He says I’m responsible for the death of our child. The last time I reported him he was detained for a night but when he returned home he hit me again saying that he wanted to be imprisoned for something he had done,” said Odinah.
“I’m afraid that since today he has appeared in court he is going to hit me even more if you let him go. The police sought me refuge at my cousin’s place. Please for the sake of my safety just put him in jail.”

Moyo said he only slapped his wife twice because she had initiated the fight.
“Your worship we were having an argument. I decided to let the matter rest but she locked the door and started pulling my mouth. I slapped her twice in the face,” said Moyo.
Ndebele advised Odinah to get a protection order immediately so that her husband does not hit her again.
He told Moyo that it was pointless for him to keep denying the charges against him because his wife’s eyes were still visibly swollen indicating that she had been severely assaulted.