Green Fuel guards in Chisumbanje have opened fire on villagers, killing one and injuring two others.

The injured are battling for their lives at St Peters Hospital in Checheche. The guards opened fire on villagers suspected to have trespassed into the sugarcane fields on Wednesday. The security guard who killed the villager was now in police custody.

Chipinge South MP Enock Porusingazi condemned the shooting, saying the guards acted irresponsibly. He said the situation was likely going to re-ignite conflict in the area where previously the company ran endless battles with the community as villagers resisted the project.

“This incident is very unfortunate. We want co-existence between GreenFuel and the community. This is a very bad situation and when things turn like this, then there is likelihood that the situation can deteriorate back to the days of conflict,” Porusingazi said.

“The holders of firearms should be cautious and avoid overreacting. While we condemn lawlessness, I think the guards overreacted and they should have handled the situation with caution.”

According to community members, the victims had gone to gather sugarcane after harvesting in some fields. newsday