A woman is demanding to be married after her boyfriend dumped her.

Gladys Gapara has eloped to Tendai Matekenya and is refusing to leave. The matter came to light yesterday when Tendai Matekenya made an application for a peace order against Gapara, saying she was making his life unbearable by forcibly entering his house and insulting him.

Gapara told the court that she and Matekenya were in love since 2014 and that the affair was known by their parents. She said things turned sour in the relationship when Matekenya told her that he wanted to marry another woman.

“When he told me he was not going to marry me, I then eloped,” she said. Gapara also said she was bitter because even though they had never engaged in sexual intercourse, Matekenya had wasted her time.

“He has never had s.ex with me, but at one point we almost had sexual intercourse, all the same he deceived me,” she said. Matekenya told the court that Gapara was forcing him to marry her even though the two were not in an intimate relationship. “I think it’s a matter of desperation for marriage, at one time she visited my house and then refused to leave,” he said.
Matekenya also asked the court to bar Gapara from visiting him or engaging in any communication with him. In her response,

Matekenya said. Presiding magistrate Gamuchirai Siwardi will pass her ruling on Monday.