A woman who refused to be intimate with her husband at midnight has been beaten up.
Oliver Musomo (20), of Chipinge was furious when his wife Locardia Dhliwayo (20), said No to the midnight romp and attacked her. He was arrested in the morning and hauled before a magistrate.

 “Musomo then went to sleep on the ground with their child. After some minutes Musomo asked Locadia to be intimate again and Locardia refused. Musomo assaulted Locardia several times on the right shoulder and face. She sustained bruises and had a swollen face, forcing her to lodge a complaint with the police,” said Prosecutor Nyamundaya.

When asked why he assaulted his wife, Musomo said he was angered by her actions to deny him his conjugal rights.

“I beg for a lighter sentence. It was anger that led me to assault my wife who had refused to be intimate with me. I suspect she was cohabiting with another man,” said Massimo.
He was fined $100 or 30 days in prison.