Rimbi Takawira : fired and then rehired
Workers fired and rehired by ZBC are angry at the corporation which has cut their leave days without any compensation.

The broadcaster set 150 days as the ceiling for leave, suggesting workers, with more leave days would forfeit them. Some of the workers, particularity in the essential services had accumulated more than 300 days. The affected workers got notification late last month.
“Further to our previous correspondence, please be advised that you will be paid your cash in lieu [of number] of days’ vacation leave you had accrued as at October 31, 2015 by January 31, 2016,” part of the letter signed by acting head, finance, human resources and administration, Benania Shumba, read.

“Please note that cash in lieu of these days will be used to reduce your debts should you have any. However, payment of your other terminal benefits will be advised in due course,” part of the letter dated December 18, read.

Some of the affected workers yesterday told NewsDay that they had since challenged the decision. 
“About 90% of retrenched workers’ days have been cut by plus or minus 50%,” one of the affected workers said.

“Some people never received terminating letters, but received letters confirming their leave days’ payments. Also, we have been denied leave for the past two to three years and accumulated over 300 days. They have now been cut and forfeited.

“We have since written to management querying the unilateral decision and they are yet to respond.” Workers said they were in the dark as to how much each leave day was worth.