Tourism minister, Walter Mzembi, stung by criticism that he enjoyed a Dubai break while people in his constituency are starving, has shared pictures of the donations he made before he left. He said : “Before proceeding on my traditional Xmas family holiday I distributed a combination of maize meal and maize grain, a total of 145 tonnes to Masvingo South Constituency, Here I am giving each household 10kgs of maizemeal, on this day alone 2500 women collected their packs plus 500 packets of rice, in Ward 30.

I am hoping we can repeat this every quarter period , because of the likely devastating impact of the impending drought. I appreciate what Government is doing through its other programmes. Notwithstanding I am making a public appeal to Masvingo South citizens wherever you are, to spare a thought for this programme and indicate to me through my email on how together we can complement this effort.  You can drop me a line on :”