Black Opal Face of Zimbabwe second princess Mercy Kamanura has been caught stealing a jumpsuit from Edgars worht $40.

She was arrested and hauled before a magistrate. The 24 year old of Number 13190 Unit N in Chitungwiza was a frequent visitor to Edgars Stors.

Prosecutor Mr Richard Makondo told the court that on Tuesday Kamanura entered Edgars at corner Kwame Nkrumah Avenue and First Street around 5pm. She allegedly pretended that she wanted to buy clothes and took three dresses to the fitting room.
Kamanura later emerged from the fitting room with two dresses. She returned the two dresses. 

When a security guard searched her at the exit point, he found a jumpsuit in her handbag. It is alleged the model lied that she bought the jumpsuit at Edgars Joina City branch.

The alert security guard dashed to the fitting room where Kamanura had tried the dresses and found the price tag that was attached to the jumpsuit discarded. She failed to prove that she bought the jumpsuit and was promptly arrested.