An Australian woman, Sue Lamb suddenly found herself with $10 million after the money was accidentally deposited into her account.
The 49-year-old Gold Coast woman made international headlines when she posted a photo of the ATM receipt suggesting she can access the enormous fund on Facebook.
A few hours after the image went viral the ANZ bank removed the extra cash from her account blaming it on a third-party glitch. 

Despite losing the money Ms Lamb said she is continuously inundated with emails and phone-calls from people requesting cash. 

'I still get requests on my Facebook, people are still in-boxing me asking me for money,
'I did have people come up to me with red roses [and say] please marry me ... someone else came up to me and said 'you're that girl with all that money,' said Ms Lamb.

The business woman and single mother said strangers still remember her and they constantly plead for money.